Current teaching/learning materials developed under Unlicense, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License or Apache 2.0 License are listed below.

  • Scalable Data Science for Uppsala’s PhD Students, Raazesh Sainudiin, 2017 (under progress).

  • Scalable Data Science - 1.6 from Middle Earth, Raazesh Sainudiin and Sivanand Sivaram, Published by GitBook, 791 pages, 24th July 2017. Available as:
  • Computational Statistical Experiments in MATLAB, Raazesh Sainudiin and Dominic Lee, 360 pp, 2017. Available as:
    • forkable open source in GitHub
    • downloadable PDF.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Elements of Data Science in SageMath/Python: A programmatic introduction for data scientists, Raazesh Sainudiin, 2017 (in progress).
    • See an earlier version of the course with an emphasis on simulations that is available as:
  • See courses taught from 2007-2016 at the Course Archive.