POA - 360-in-525


  • You can only physically be present at the course set if you have registered with Raazesh Sainudiin via email (registration deadline has passed for Spring 2018). You can join us online on HangOutsOnAir at this channel or later on YouTube at this playlist.
  • Join https://www.meetup.com/Uppsala-Big-Data-Meetup/ (you may need to sign-up at meetup.com first and then join) for receiveing course logistics (for eg. each meeting is in a different room).
  • Please RSVP via Uppsala Big Data Meetup at least 3 days before the registered course event you will actually be able to attend. This is to order fika and ensure other infrastructures exist for you.
  • Bring you wireless-enabled laptop with power chord for the lab-lectures.
  • Sign-up for databricks community edition at https://community.cloud.databricks.com/login.html.

360-in-525-1: Introduction to Apache Spark for Data Scientists on April 20 2018

See https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2018/01/.

360-in-525-2: Social Media and Big Data on April 26-27 2018

See https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2018/02/.

360-in-525-3: Geospatial Analytics and Big Data on May 3-4 2018

See https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2018/03/.

360-in-525-4: Mathematical, Statistical and Computational Foundations for Data Scientists on May 11 2018

See https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2018/04/.

360-in-525-5: Population Genetics and Big Data (1 hp) on May 31 2018

See https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2018/05/.

360-in-525-0: Mathematical Statistical Learning Theory Series; An L1 View (1 hp) June 1 2018

See https://lamastex.github.io/scalable-data-science/360-in-525/2018/00/.