My Personal Mathematical Journey

Memetic Notions of Self in Trans-Traditional Life Experiments

by Raazesh Sainudiin

on Tuesday December 12 2017 1715 hours CET, Angstrom 4003, Uppsala, Sweden

This is meant for a live interactive presentation to students in a mathematical club at Uppsala University.


02 - Formative Years

  • hardly spoke in school until 11 years of age
    • felt like I was processing all the time but too slowly
    • failed every subject, didn’t know why I went to school, etc..
  • moved to an experimental boarding (Upanashadic-British) school in Nilgiris Arsha Vidya Vanam
    • had to be part of the process - boil water, shower, meditate, yoga, Gita sermons, tea, breakfast, …
    • Days-scholar in British-style convent – enjoyed geometry, languages, science, …
    • became a better student nearly “over-night”…

Researching Minds, Peoples, Machines